CentriClean provide 2 Separator Control Units (SCUs) - Modbus and Bluetooth® - that work with all MP centrifuges giving unique control and insight.

SCU 0002 Modbus control panel

The SCU 0002 is designed to monitor the performance of the centrifuge. During its normal operation, it will continuously display the current RPM of the centrifuge and monitors run hours.

While operating, the centrifuge bowl is processing the oil and as the sludge cake builds up, the speed of the centrifuge will slowly start to reduce.

When this speed falls to the alarm level or when the number of hours run is reached - whichever is sooner - it will show a alarm message on the SCU 0002 display, and it is also able to indicate this alarm remotely if connected via Modbus.

This unit requires 12-24 volts DC to operate and is provided via the power terminal block.

The centrifuge sensor is a 3-wire device and requires +5 volts, 0 volts and returns a signal only when the separator is operational. The +5 volt supply is derived from the circuit board.

An alarm relay closes when the separator speed drops below the alarm threshold (service required); these contacts are volt free and are rated at 24 volts DC at a maximum current of 1 Amp.

This can be used for external signalling when an alarm condition occurs.



  • Connect via Modbus to link up with existing systems
  • Set alarm speed
  • Set optimal operational speed
  • Continually shows current speed
  • Data and error/servicing alarm can be seen remotely via Modbus

SCU 0003 Bluetooth® control panel

The SCU 0003 is ideal for those operators who want to access the data via Bluetooth® on a mobile devise - smart phone or tablet. Using the CentriClean App, Users can connect remotely to SCU 0003 controlled centrifuges meaning direct access to the unit is not required unless servicing is necessary.

Users can link to any number of SCU 0003 controlled centrifuges using the easy to use CentriClean App making it easy to set, control and log data without needing to physically see individual centrifuges.



  • Connect via Bluetooth®
  • Set speed
  • Check servicing requirements
  • Check operating status
  • Log data
  • Connect to multiple units
  • Name and keep notes for specific units
  • Order spare parts

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